Wasp E2K (Electric)


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The Wasp is designed for E2k Pylon racing. The rules are based around the Club 2000 i/c class. The Wasp also makes robust fun sport model with a 3536 / 1400 motor 8 x6 propeller and 4's Lipo battery. An rpm limiting esc is required for racing.
You will also require 3 Channel radio 3 servo’s ( 1 for elevator 2 for aileron) + speed controller.
The Wasp kit includes foam veneered wing panel with slot for aileron wires, most parts are CNC Laser cut  making  for a fast strong construction.
View pictures for kit contents.
Extra items will be required including Engine,Radio,Covering, Glues Etc

Rules and information for E2k racing can be found at the BMPRA site http://bmpra.bmfa.org/e2k

Spares are available (If not listed please contact us)

Wasp wing kit

Wing kit for Wasp or any e2k pylon or Club 2000 own design or Jasper
The wing section is an RG14. Span is 36” + tips it has a single panel with a thickness of  7/8” and chord of  8 3/8” when finished this gives it just over the 300 square inches required for e2k and club 2000 regulations.

Rules, information and drawings for the Jasper E2k can be found at the BMPRA site http://bmpra.bmfa.org/e2k


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