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In its day the Tornado was one of the very best, and even today is capable of flying the current FAI clubman’s schedule very comfortably, the Tornado was designed around 0.60 glows of the era, but any modern 0.55 to 0.75 will suffice. If you wish toconvert to electric it is possible with some modification.  
The kit includes a copy of the original full size plan a bit of nostalgia to hang on the wall.
The Tornado is of 70’s construction but utilises modern manufacturing techniques for the veneered foam wings and Laser cut wood.

Wing span 61 3/4” (1567mm)
Length 51 1/2” (1310mm) (+spinner)
Wing area 625 sq inches (0.405 sq Mtrs) Approx
Approximate weight 6 to 6 1/2 Ibs
Engine 0.55 to 0.76 Glow

Wings CNC cut foam veneered with undercarriage recesses pre-cut. Balsa facings pre-bent undercarriage.
Fuselage Balsa with most parts CNC laser cut, clear plastic canopy.
Tail-Plane CNC cut foam veneered with balsa facings and elevators.
View pictures for kit contents.
Extra items will be required including Engine,Radio,Covering, Glues Etc

Spares are available (If not listed please contact us)

Wing kit   Contains foam veneered wings, wood parts, wing joining tape, torque rods. (Wire Undercarriage not included)



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