Me163 Komet


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The Komet first flew in 1941 it was one of the first rocket powered aircraft and very fast. It took of on a dolly which fell away on take off, flew till it ran out off fuel then glided back to its base. Its short flying time meant it was used for the defence of specific targets close to its base.
The model has a 37" (94cm) wing span the prototype weighing 34ozs all up, it requires a 480 motor 8 cell 800 mah battery pack. Or 2700Kv Motor with 2200mah 3s Li-Po. Or they are equally at home as a slope soar with a little ballast. Also required 3 channel radio with aileron elevator mixer, 2 mini servos + speed controller.
The kit includes foam veneered wing panels, 2 part VAC formed plastic fuselage sides, servo tubs, clear canopy and hardware pack. Most parts are CNC cut or pre-shaped.

Spares are available (If not listed please contact us)

Wing kit   Contains foam veneered wings and wood parts.


Fuselage side mouldings only  (Pair)

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