DH98 Mosquito


The Mosquito first flew in 1940 and was notable for  its wood construction. The Mosquito had many variants being used as an unarmed bomber, fighter, night fighter, reconnaissance ground attack and anti-shipping.The model has a 53” (134cm) Wing span  the prototypes weighing in at around 65ozs all up. 3 channel radio with mini servos.
Power Overlander Thumper 2836/08 1120kv with 2 x 20 amp escor 1 x 40 amp esc, 4s Lipo, 9.5 x 6 Propellor.
The origional models flew on  2 X 480 motors with 7 cell battery pack this provides ample power the airframe will accept other equivalent motor battery combinations. Also required is a 3 channel radio with mini servos + speed controller.
The kit includes foam veneered wings with ailerons part cut. 3 part vac formed nacelles, top and bottom fuselage deck, clear nose cone, servo boxes, clear canopy, dummy exhaust moulding's and hardware pack. Most parts are Laser cut or pre-shaped.

Spares are available (If not listed please contact us)

Wing kit   Contains foam veneered wings, wood parts, servo tubs,joining tape etc. (DOES NOT include Nacelles).

Nacelle Kit Includes plastic and wood parts for ONE Nacelle.

Nose Moulding Includes wood.



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