Foam Wings

We can manufacture wings to your  specifications using our CNC wing Cutter whether it be a replacement wing , a plan build or own design.
Single sets of wings or large batches, for kit manufacture or club events.
e-mail us with your requirements and ask for a quote.

If you are interested in the Ken Binks Adagio or Pacemaker visit our store as they have their own pages

The drawings for these can be obtained from the UKCAA - UK Classic Aerobatic Association

Our wings are produced from high quality foam and come covered with Obechi veneer. If you require the foam core un-veneered please state the thickness of covering you will use so we can allow  for it during cutting. For standard wings we use Latex adhesieve but if preffered we can use Epoxy.

What do we need to know

If the wing is for a model built from a plan or replacement for a kit we may have the details on file so a model name may suffice, if the plan is available on Outerzone etc let us know and E-mail for a quote (we may require your plan which will be returned).

We can work from a damaged wing, Let us know before you send a wing our address is on the contact page.

Or we need the following information which can be e-mailed to us for a quote

Wing root section (Can be Airfoil name i.e. NACA0018 etc or a drawing).

Wing tip section (Can be Airfoil name i.e. NACA0018 etc or a drawing)

Full wing root chord including leading edge, trailing edge,ailerons etc

Full wing tip chord including leading edge, trailing edge,ailerons etc

Wing span excluding tips (or panel span)

Sweep back at leading edge tip

Washout at tip

Dihedral (Under each tip)

Normally we would allow for a 6mm leading edge. The trailing edge can be trimmed to suit strip ailerons etc (details required).

Other work can be undertaken.

Sorry UK only